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After school craft program Friday. Term 4. (9 Weeks)


Welcome to Luna and Co after-school craft program!

Join us and learn a new craft each week! We guide the kids in a variety of textures, skill sets, and interpretations of weekly art projects.


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    Where: 209 Narara Valley Dr, Niagara Park 2250

    Time: 3:45 - 4:45

    Day: Friday afternoon, Week 2-10, Term 4

    The first class will be Friday, 21st of October.

    Cost: $130 for the term. Week 2-10

    Age: Suitable for any school-age child

    Instructor: This class is taught by a qualified school teacher. 

    Our timetable will run as follows :

    Week 1: NO LESSON

    Week 2 : Air dry clay

    Week 3 : Polymer clay beads

    Week 4: Teracotta pot painting

    Week 5 : Water colour painting

    Week 6 : Characture drawing

    Week 7 : Ceramic art

    Week 8 : Pom Pom animals

    Week 9 : Acrylic scenic painting

    Week 10 : Christmas craft