Tie Dye Kit - Electric Neon (Glow in the dark)

Tie Dye Kit - Electric Neon (Glow in the dark)

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Re-live the 80’s and 90’s with the Tulip Electric Neon’s Fabric Dye Kit!

It will take personalising bags, clothing, canvas, scarves, hats, shoes and more to the next level. The pack contains four pre-mixed bottles of ultra-neon UV dyes that react to black light and glow brightly. In comparison the dye colours will be vibrant and bold in natural daylight. Once dry the colours will be permanent lasting multiple washes.

Tulip Electric Neon’s Fabric Dyes can be used on both synthetic or natural fibre fabrics. The pre-mixed dyes have a honey-like consistency that can be used straight from the bottle using the fine nozzle provided (apply a light pressure and gently squeeze). Alternatively, use a brush or sponge to experiment with drips, flicks, or various brush strokes to achieve multiple effects. Areas can be blocked out using masking tape for cleaner crisp lines.

When applied to wet fabric, the Tulip Electric Neon’s Fabric Dyes spread across the fabric creating softer less defined shapes. When multiple colours are applied, they will bleed into each other to create interesting effects. In comparison dry fabric, results in defined shapes and colours with crisper lines, perfect for lettering. Allow to dry naturally, no heat fixing required.

Shake bottles before use.

Contains: 4 x 118ml Bottles of Dye (Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow & Neon Green)