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Resin Workshops

Do you have a creative flair, or just like to dabble in creative activities every now and then?

Resin workshops allow you to release your creative energy using a medium that is easy to work with, yet fun.

Resin makes up its own mind when it comes to a finished product, so best not to come into a class with too many preconceived ideas or have your heart set on creating something straight from pinterest. Instead when you work with resin it evolves with you, you can change it up quickly, you can add more colour, you can swirl it one way or another, add glitter or powders...brass or dried flowers, possibilities are endless (to a degree) and then you wait.

Resin can take around 24 hours to cure, and this is the hardest part of the entire process.. waiting to see how the finished products turn out. Its also the most rewarding, when you unmould that bangle or ring, or slide your hand across the cured glossy finish of a cheese board, it really never gets old. The moment where you decide if you love it or hate it! Thankfully for us we rarely hate it!

Why not try your hand at learning a new craft? We supply gourmet snacks and bubbly and a fantastic atmosphere of like minded people.

We look forward to seeing you at the next workshop!

Renee and Luka xx


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