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Creative kids craft ideas

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Our creative kids craft packs are a great way to keep the kids busy especially when at home for long periods. Not only that, crafting can also boost self-confidence, enhance gross and fine motor skills and help in making friends who enjoy the same hobby.

With so much time being spent at home I thought I would share our top craft ideas for kids... (and parents):

  1. Wooden skate decks are a great way to show your creative side, you can use pencils, paints, pens such as Crayola's Take note permanent markers and vinyl stickers to decorate your deck and give it a unique look. Display your skate decks on your bedroom wall as art or mount it on the wall and use as a shelf... 
  1. Polymer clay is a fun, safe, functional craft that children (8+) can use and enjoy. Polymer clay is a modelling clay that will harden in the oven; therefore, it starts out soft and mouldable and then you bake in the oven to harden and finish. You can make key rings, jewellery, figurines, bowls, home decor... the list is endless. Even parents will enjoy this craft! Check out our craft packs containing polymer clay such as our teen pack and blue and blush creative kids craft packs.

  1. Tie dye is so 2021... everyone is tie dyeing and why not, it's so much fun. All you need is some cotton items, dye and a place that you can get a little messy. The kids will love making their own designs using different colours and techniques. Our tie dye pack has a 3 pack of dye that comes in dispenser bottles (less messy), just add water and shake, as well as pillowcases, and a tote bag, neon dye that glows in the dark in 4 colours and fabric paint to finish off with some detail at the end.  

  1. Air dry clay is such a versatile and easy craft. Just set the kids up on the table with some baking paper, an empty clean jar, a fork, skewer any household item and let them create bowls, pen holders, earrings, figurines and much more. All you need to do is leave to dry in a safe place for 24 to 48 hours. Once dry you can paint to decorate.                                               

  2. Water pearls painting is an easy but fun activity that kids can do on their own.  It's a great sensory activity as children observe the pearls first expand in water, then pick them up, play with them, then  place in the cardboard box with some paint. Roll the pearls around and watch the colours mix, making new colours and designs on your paper. Water pearls are reusable so make sure to clean and leave them to dry, then use them for another craft project.

You can find the supplies for these activities in our creative kids craft kits. Make sure to use your NSW creative kids voucher to receive your craft pack delivered to your door for FREE. 


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